Professional Optical Department

Seven Reasons to Choose Our Optical Department for Your Eye Wear:

Exact Prescription as Prescribed by your Doctor

Two opticians prior to dispensing will check your glasses when complete for accuracy. We accept only the finest quality of eyewear to our patients.

Fast Service

We have an on-site laboratory using state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing of your glasses. Most prescriptions are ready in a few days and in some cases within the same day.

Certified Opticians

Our Opticians are board certified to offer you knowledgeable support in the selection of your new eyeglasses.

Eye Glass Warranty Program

Our Eye Glass Warranty Program exceeds industry standards.  Because our products are of outstanding quality, we feel very comfortable offering this warranty to all of our patients. (Click here for details)

Need more reasons to try our Optical Department? Read the ‘Consumer Reports’ guide to purchasing glasses.

Large Selection of Frame Styles

Our dispensary has over 800 frames in stock. Our frame manufacturers come from all over the world to offer our office the latest trends to make your selection complete.

Protection Against Scratches

Our lab-applied, scratch-resistant coating makes all plastic lenses less likely to scratch.

Free Adjustments

Through normal wear your eyeglasses can become loose and need adjustments. We will adjust your glasses whenever necessary at no cost to you to ensure you have comfortable fitting glasses.