Eye Glass Warranty Program

At Clompus, Reto and Halscheid Vision Associates, we value the trust you have placed in us to provide eye care products and services to you and your family. We strive to continually earn your trust by providing eyewear of only the highest possible quality – eyewear that will meet or exceed all of your expectations. There are times, however, when things go amiss. In these instances, we support our patients with the following policies:

Refund Policy:
Due to the custom made nature of prescription eyeglass lenses, no refund can be given once the lens manufacturing process has been started. Frames can be returned for a full refund provided they are in new and resalable condition.

Prescription Changes:
Within 30 days of receipt of your eyewear, if for any reason you feel that you are not seeing well with your new prescription, please come in and meet with one of our opticians. If the optician determines a prescription re-check is necessary you will be scheduled for a short visit with the prescribing doctor at no charge and the lenses will be remade also at no charge. Please note that if the prescription is from an outside doctor you will need to see them for a re-check within our 30-day remake policy.

Lens Style or Material Changes:
Within 30 days if you are unsatisfied or unable to adapt to any lens style or material (Progressive lenses, bifocals, transitions etc.) Your lenses will be remade to a lens product of equal or lesser value at no charge. If you decide to upgrade to a more expensive lens option, only the price difference will be charged. Please note due to the custom made nature of eyeglass lenses, no refund or credit for the original lens type may be granted.

Frame Changes:
Within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the frame you selected for any reason you may come in and re-select a frame and we will remake your lenses in the new frame at no charge. If the new frame is more expensive than the one originally selected you will be charged the price difference. Due to the expenses in materials and labor we have incurred, no refunds can be given if the new frame is of lesser cost. This is a one-time exchange courtesy only.

Frame warranties:
All of our frames carry at least a one -year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. This can even include normal wear and tear. The frame will be replaced with a brand new one once during the warranty period. Obvious abuse is not covered under the warranty.

Lens Warranties:
All of our lenses come with a very robust scratch resistant coating and will have a one-year warranty against scratches or peeling resulting from normal use. Lenses coated with most anti glare coating are covered by a two-year warranty. The lenses will be replaced one time during the warranty period at no charge. Obvious abuse is not covered under the warranty.

Eyewear Insurance/ Benefits:
If you purchased eyewear using an eyewear benefit plan, your insurance company may impose policies that will supersede ours since in many cases they have assumed the role of manufacturing your eyewear. If you have any questions regarding their specific policies, please contact them directly.

Use of a Patient’s Own Frame:
Frame may have inherent defects from manufacturing or developed through normal wear and tear. It is impossible for us to determine defects through general inspection as these defects may only become evident when we insert new lenses or remove old lenses. This may also occur through routine adjustment or minor repair. Although we always take the utmost care with your frames, we cannot be held liable should any damage occur during adjustments or lens replacement. This applies to frames that were purchased elsewhere and frames that were purchased in our practice that are outside of the manufacture’s warranty.