In many cases, the risks for ocular disease increase with age.  Patients over the age of 35 years are more susceptible to disease.  However, Glaucoma is an example of ocular disease that may affect patients of any age.

Glaucoma: Eye disease - this photo displays a loss of peripheral vision
Noticeable symptoms of glaucoma may be a gradual loss of side vision.

Often referred to as “the silent thief of sight”, glaucoma is a disease that may show no symptoms.  Unfortunately, this means patients are unaware of their condition until they begin to lose sight.  In our offices, we proudly offer Heidelberg Retinal Tomography instrumentation allowing for the most precise method of managing change in patients diagnosed with glaucoma.  We also provide Humphrey Visual Field testing, Digital Retinal Photography, and Pachymetry testing so that we may diagnose this devastating disease in its earliest stages.  (The photo to the right displays a loss of peripheral vision, which is the initial loss suffered by patients with glaucoma.)

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