Nutrition and Macular Degeneration

In recent years, multiple studies have conclusively shown that nutrition and a healthy diet promote positive ocular health. More specifically, two studies – AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study) and AREDS 2 – determined that a specific combination of supplements may drastically decrease the risk of progressive age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

These studies showed that a daily intake of Lutein (10mg), DHA/EPA (500mg), Vitamin C (500mg), Vitamin E (400 IU) and Zinc (40-80mg) may decrease the risk of AMD by greater than 20%.  In our practice, we highly recommend the intake of these nutrients to anyone with one or more risk factors for AMD.  Risk factors include: 1.) a history of cigarette-smoking, 2.) a family history of AMD, and 3.) a history of prolonged exposure to the sun and outdoors.

This specific formulation of nutrients is readily available.  Our doctors most often promote the formulation produced by PRN (Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals).

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