Introducing TearLab Osmolarity testing for Dry Eye

TearLab is the most accurate and objective test for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease. TearLab generates an Osmolarity number, which provides significant information to the Doctor. Essentially, osmolarity gives doctors a meaningful measure of the health and stability of the protective tear film that covers the surface of the eye.

With its objective, quantitative measurement, TearLab Osmolarity correlates to increasing disease severity, and enables the Doctor to monitor your response to treatment. The test is fast, easy, and accurate – requiring only 50-nanoliters of tear for analysis – a sample smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. It is also more patient friendly than older generation tests, as it is not intrusive, and requires no anesthesia.

Dry eye is one of the most under-diagnosed ocular diseases, and yet it is the most common reason why patients go see their eye care professional.

If you feel symptoms of burning, tearing or irritation of your eyes, click here to complete a dry eye questionnaire before visiting our office.

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