Pediatric Vision Care

The InfantSee Program provides complimentary eye examinations to all children during their first year of life.

We participate in the InfantSee™ program and provide complimentary eye examinations to all children during their first year of life.

In our offices, Dr. Reto, Dr. Halscheid, and Dr. Bakker perform comprehensive eye examinations on children of all ages.  Our doctors have extensive experience working with young children, and both recommend yearly eye examinations for all school-aged children.  Additionally, we are proud to offer the services of Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, a nationally recognized educator, lecturer, author and practitioner in the field of Pediatric Eye Care.  He is Chief of Pediatrics and Vision Therapy at The Eye Institute of The Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

Vision disorders are the most prevalent handicapping condition in childhood.  Research shows that as high as 15% of all children suffer from undetected visual problems.  Because of this, the American Optometric Association recommends that all children have their eyes examined during the first year of life.  At our offices, we are proud to participate in the InfantSee™ program, a nationwide initiative supported by former President Jimmy Carter.  By participating with this program, we provide complimentary eye examinations to all children during their first year of life.

With approximately twelve million school-aged children suffering from undetected visual problems, it is easy to understand the need for visual assessments of all children.  However, basic visual testing alone is not sufficient.  Most parents think that a child who has passed the school screening has “good vision” and can see the board or his textbooks clearly.  Unfortunately, school screenings do not test aspects of visual performance required for reading.  Because of this, significant visual-related learning problems can go undetected.

In many cases, visual-related learning disorders can affect a child’s performance in school.  In these cases, it may be necessary for an evaluation with Dr. Scheiman who can recommend treatment through various exercises and treatments called Vision Therapy.  (For more on possible treatment options, click on Dr. Scheiman’s website.)

If concerns present regarding your child’s vision, or their performance in school, it is important to schedule a comprehensive eye examination.  Prior to the examination, please take a moment to download and complete the attached School Vision Questionnaire, which may aid in the diagnosis of previously undetected visual disorders.