Contact Lens Services

Our doctors specialize in contact lens fitting and care.  Each of our optometrists offer extensive training and expertise in working with even the most challenging contact lens cases.  Each of our patients is evaluated with state-of-the-art technology, which supplements the skills and training of our doctors.  This allows us to provide the most thorough care – and the most accurate contact lens prescription.

For over 25 years, our practice has led the way in new contact lens advances and technology.  Our office was the first in Chester County to offer Corneal Topography Technology.  Our doctors have been selected to participate in numerous clinical research studies throughout the years.  Drs. Reto, Halscheid, Lehman and Sherman make great efforts to keep our patients well-informed of the most current advances and contact lens products pertaining to them.

Contact Lenses: Cooper Vision, Acuvue

Contact lenses are FDA-regulated medical devices.  It is critical that each patient’s ocular health, and contact lens prescription, be evaluated by an optometrist on an annual basis.  Additionally, state law governs contact lens prescriptions just as strictly as the medication a family physician may prescribe for an illness.  In our practices, the health of our patients is the primary concern.

Along with offering the most advanced technology and the most thorough care, we also recognize the importance of convenience.  Following the contact lens fitting and assessment, we can often ship contact lenses directly to our patients.  Next day delivery is also available in many cases.  Additionally, patients may simply call our office and order new lenses over the phone.  Our doctors provide the most comprehensive care in the office so that the purchase of contact lenses may be as easy as possible after patients depart.

Our doctors provide a level of care and service that cannot be matched elsewhere.  Each new contact lens patient is required to undergo a Contact Lens Teaching visit to educate them on the healthiest techniques and care systems for their lenses.  If problems arise, both doctors are available to our patients at all times to meet their needs.  Comprehensive Care, Advanced Technology, and Excellent Service differentiate our practice from others as contact lens professionals.

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