Eye Care Services

Our practice offers a diverse level of ophthalmic services from comprehensive eye examinations for all ages with a strong emphasis on maintaining ocular health to treating and surgically managing ocular disease.

Our physicians are at the forefront of pediatric eye care and are pleased to have Dr. Chris Lehman on staff. He provides specialty pediatric eye care services in the field of binocular and accommodative dysfunctions in addition to learning related vision problems.

Our doctors continue to work diligently to remain at the forefront of ocular disease management for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and dry eye. Our dry eye center offers many options in managing this common but chronic condition. Please be sure to discuss your dry eye issues with our doctors the next time you present for services.

Our doctors also specialize in contact lens care and our practice has often been selected as a site for Clinical Trials in the development of new contact lenses. If you have been told you could not wear contact lenses in the past, think again, there have been many advances in the contact lens market.

To ensure that our patients receive the best care possible, we offer the services of several highly regarded ophthalmologists. When surgical care becomes necessary, our primary doctors may schedule a consultation with the ophthalmologists in our practice. This provides a convenience to the patient along with excellent continuity of care.

Enjoy all the services that our wonderful practice has to offer.