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Update on Office Hours

Our offices will remain closed for routine patient care until April 6th. Our West Chester office is open for phone calls and contact lens orders, along with glasses dispensing and pick-ups. Please call 610-696-1368 before stopping over to confirm availability. Additionally, if you have an emergency, one of our doctors will follow-up promptly.  We hope everyone is remaining safe and ... Read More

Update – Coronavirus and Office Closure

Our offices will remain closed for routine patient care through Friday, March 27th. Our West Chester office will remain open for phone calls, along with the pick-up of glasses and contact lenses. (As the door will be locked, please call 610-696-1368 to arrange for someone to let you in.) Additionally, if you have an ocular emergency, please call and one ... Read More

March is “Save Your Vision Month”

During the month of March, we make every effort to bring attention to the importance of annual eye exams. Whether you are a parent with small children, a professional spending multiple hours each day on the computer, or a senior at greater risk for eye disease, it is essential that each of us schedule an annual eye exam. Additionally, if ... Read More

Do You Need Blue Light Glasses?

Does it seem like everyone is talking about blue light these days? There’s a reason for it. If you’re reading this on one of your screens (smartphone, laptop, tablet), you’re exposing your eyes to blue light now, though that might be a bit simplified. Blue light is just one color on the light spectrum that we’re exposed to on a daily ... Read More

Holiday Hours

Please note that our offices will have adjusted hours for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Both offices will be open 8:30am-1:00pm on Tuesday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 31st. Both offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 25th and Wednesday, January 1st. Sorry for any inconvenience, and have a Happy Holidays! ... Read More

Year-End Appointment Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that many insurance plans, annual deductibles and flex-spending or health savings accounts expire at year-end. Remember to schedule your annual eye exam for 2019! With less than two months remaining before January 1st, our available exam appointments are filling up quickly ... Read More