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Winter Weather – Office Hours

Please note that we have made the following adjustments to office hours: Both Offices Open Wednesday, December 16th from 8:30-1:30pm;  Both Offices Closed on Thursday, December 17th; Both Offices Open with normal hours on Friday, December 18th.   ... Read More

Blue Light and Digital Eye Strain

Even before the pandemic and quarantine, the amount of screen time (computer, iPad, smartphone, etc.) most Americans spend each day was on the rise. With our current virtual schooling and work-from-home environment, screen time has dramatically increased. Consider the benefits of blue-light filtering lenses for digital eye strain. Please ask our doctors or opticians if blue-light filtering lenses may be ... Read More

Back to School and Children’s Vision

Whether in the classroom or remote-learning from home, the new school year brings greater demands on our children's eyes. Remote-learning in particular, with increased near work and screen time, presents special considerations and demands. Specifically, there has been a significant increase in myopia (near-sightedness) among school-aged children in the United States in recent years. Regardless of how your children are attending school this year, ... Read More

Staying Safe – New Cleaning & Disinfecting Techniques

As we continue to remain diligent with our cleaning and disinfecting methods, we have recently added Fusion UV Eyeglass cleaners to both offices. Fusion UV Eyeglass cleaners use germicidal UV irradiation to clean eyeglass frames. This technique uses the short wavelength of UV-C to inactivate viruses. During the cleaning process, which only takes minutes to perform, the UV light is ... Read More

Welcoming Our New Opticians!

Over the past several weeks, we've had the opportunity to add two new Opticians to our staff. Cassandra Schad and Thomas Radick join our team following years of experience in the Optical industry.  Both Cassandra and Thomas have expertise working with different lens designs and frame styles. Our patients and staff have been very pleased with the level of service ... Read More

Offices Closed – July 3rd

In observance of the 4th of July holiday, our offices will be closed on Friday, July 3rd. Additionally, our Exton office will be closed on Saturday, July 4th. Have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! ... Read More