Summer Travel Tips

With the summer season officially here, remember to take care of your eyes when you travel or take vacation.  Here are a few practical, common sense tips to remember: 1.) Take an extra pair of contact lenses (and your glasses!) when traveling; 2.) When swimming, remember to either remove your contact lenses or wear goggles; 3.) Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses (harmful UV rays contribute to cataracts and macular degeneration); 4.) Wear your glasses, rather than contact lenses, on an airplane (the dry environment on airplanes can lead to irritation or infection); and 5.) Never share contact lenses, cases or even solutions with someone else (this is another way to cause irritation or infection).  Have a great summer and remember to care for your eyes!

Piper Can See! A One-Year Follow-Up

Many of you may remember Piper, the beautiful little girl who became a YouTube sensation last year based on her reaction to her first pair of glasses.  One year later, it turns out that Piper is doing great.  Her developmental delays were due to uncorrected vision, and she is doing very well with her glasses.  Piper is a great example of the importance of children’s eye exams.  Click here for an update on her story.