Introducing Chemistrie Sunlenses!

Chemistrie’s patented magnetic lens-layering technology means you can easily transform your Rx frame into polarized sunglasses, readers, 3D glasses or computer glasses with the click of a lens. Chemistrie’s magnetic lenses are custom made to fit any frame and allow you to quickly change your clips to fit your needs. Reap the benefits of an add-on lens without bearing the weight of the standard clip-on. Click here for additional information on this exciting new product!  Ask our opticians about Chemistrie magnetic clips at your next visit.

Summer’s Coming – Protect Your Skin and Your Eyes From the Sun!

With summer quickly approaching, please take a moment to review the importance of sun protection.  While most of us are mindful of using sunscreen, we often overlook the importance of sun protection for our eyes.  Check out this recent article from USA Today discussing helpful tips for sun protection.